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Sep 10, 2013
Ive got two 4 month old warren pullets. ive noticed that the back feathers above the vent have weird black patches on them. Have a look at the pictures .... Do u know what this could be and what the best way is to solve this problem?
I'm having trouble getting perspective on the pictures but, it looks like it is the primary tail feather(s) themselves you are talking about? Are you sure they are stains and not just natural coloring on the feathers? How many of the feathers is it and is it the same on both Pullets?
Thanks for the reply kelsie. These are my first ever pullets so im not sure whether it is normal. The other pullet has 2 - 3 black lines but this one has black patches. Do you think it might be flees or mites ?
I don't believe there is anything wrong with those black patches. What breed are your pullets? Breeds like gold stars/gold sexlinks and others often have black splotches on their feathers. My sexlink chick has them now.
That just looks like they have a couple of off color bits on their feathers. Like SilkiesForEver said, chickens often have random off colored feathers or feathers with patches of color on them, especially hatchery birds. Warrens are a red sex link, RIR x Light Sussex. Mites or lice are going to be more on the bird and on the base of the feathers and may make the feathers look raggety.

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