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Mar 17, 2022
Hi Everyone, I know you get blood spots in eggs but I was making an omelette and cracked this one open, in all my years of owning chickens and cooking with eggs (I'm a chef), I have never come across this before, can anyone explain what on earth has gone on here? It doesn't smell horrible.
This egg is from my eating egg hens that haven't been near the cockerel and was laid about two weeks ago.


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Looks like it may be a tiny immature intact follicle that dropped with the ovum. Could be a blood clot though.

Do you still have it? Can you fish it out for more photos? Does it have what looks like veins? After you take photos of it intact, can you squish it open and take some more photos so we can see what's inside?

Do I sound deranged?🤣

Take a look at this thread particularly Post#4 that I made.

Here's a larger intact follicle. Cool Huh?

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