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Still crazy after all these years.
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Aug 26, 2009
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My favorite snow shovel over the years, is showing a lot more wear & tear than I am. Can't find any I like with all the steel core, or hard plastic and such that are just too heavy - to add to the weight of shlepping snow from one place to another.

See that the back up shovel stored in the garage (never used) must have met with an accident. The handle is cracked.:rant

room onthebroom

May 4, 2015
My MIL is from MI & she’s always cold when she comes out here no matter what time of year. She & SIL will be here in 2wks & SIL wants to stay in a hotel one night so she can swim all day. I told her I’d drop her off anywhere she wants to go, but there’s no way me & the kids are getting in a pool in January. She thinks we’re crazy .. We KNOW she is.
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