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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
Okay sold 4 birds to a neighbor .. We have Mexican older folks that do not have great english skills ... So this gal wanted fresh birds for her daughters wedding I had 3 cockerel growing up, We could sell told her I have hen EE she layed 4 or 6 eggs none since she is year old you can stew her..
She wanted the 4.. Fast forward told her I would bring them to her as she does not drive .. Caught 2 of the boys last one was flighty found it's way to my little coop with Smudge my Marans coop and smudge then thought he should protect it. The ensuing Smudge escaped because I had a net (My birds hate nets)..
Smudge spent the night in the blackberry brambles other side of the property.
This morning I went out with my other half no dogs.. I found smudge still in the blackberry .. Started calling him by heavens he followed me to his coop .. It is raining here this morning he was pretty bedraggled .. BF did grab Smudge he was at the fence could not quite figure to come around the door...
BF was able to grab him by his feet placed him back with his girls...


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Oct 21, 2013
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Wow has anyone paid attention these bears have no where else to go now
A different group that I belong to has put out a warning to folks living in Montana, Arizona, Oklahoma and Wyoming (and anywhere else affected by the fires) to bring their pets in at night and lock up any small or young stock as best they can because of the feathered and furred predators that are fleeing the wildfires. They're frightened, thirsty, starving and in many cases injured and/or burnt and will take whatever they can to just survive. They've also asked if they can for folks to put out extra water for them. Everything from ground rodents to big cats to bear and eagles are literally running for their lives. They've lost their homes too and they are confused, disoriented and just trying to survive.

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