Well, after this latest drop off, Ken did it.

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    He told the kids mother that she can't have Robert back until she goes through REAL rehab. So we came home tonight to a plastic bag full of Roberts clothes, what little there is, and a pumpkin. [​IMG] The child has no shoes. We are going to Payless tomorrow, then taking him to a pumpkin patch and contacting an attorney on Monday.

    She is homeless and high. I pray I find an attorney that will take payments or do this pro bono.

    If anyone that doesn't know the history wants to know, please let me know.
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    [​IMG] Oh that poor little guy!

    [​IMG] to you and Ken for helping... so many would just look the other way.

    When KK came here, though that was CPS placement, the school had a ... form? on hand that gave us the... permission? to handle all the school stuff for her... Sis and I both had to sign it... the secretary there is a notary... done and done. Didn't have anything to do with the placement, but it did help very much with the school stuff. Couldn't have done doodly without it.

    Maybe try contacting your local district and ask if they have one of those forms... it was all just fill in the blank, district wasn't actually mentioned anywhere... and see if they'll let you have a copy. Edit as needed, FITB, and next time you catch her get her to sign it. That way you'll have at least something showing that she willingly gave up custody.

    Bro once tried to do what you've just done... KK had been dumped on him for one of Sis's little 'trips' and he wouldn't give her back because she was wasted when she showed up... she actually called the police in that state and they told him to hand her over or he's going to jail for kidnapping.

    Lesson learned... cover your tail. It won't do you, or that baby, ANY good if you're in jail!! And while I love my Sis dearly she is a complete psycho when using drugs... she isn't great when sober... but total nut and a half when on that crap. One minutes "Oh please help me out" all sweet and the next yelling bleepities and causing major problems.

    [​IMG] For you guys... and him... and a [​IMG] for her... why don't they have a spanking smilie?
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    He is only 3 right now. Thankfully no school issues yet, and we hope to be done with this by the time school is an issue. No shoes?!?!?!?! We need a shaking head smiley too.
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    Sis has dropped KK off with her nifty little duffel... even has wheels and a handle... for a week or more stay and all that was in it was one T-shirt... not even a spare pair of undies. But hey, you spent $30 on that stylish bag so you're a great parent.

    [​IMG] I seriously wonder about some people.

    Even if this little guy isn't in school yet having a form that shows that she gave you guys total control over his school would show that she gave you guys custody... it's not iron clad by any means, but it does show that she 100% trusted you, surrendered her child to you, etc. If my Bro had had something like that then the police quite likely wouldn't have threatened him as they did. If he was sober, and in possession of a paper like that they may have been able to make a call instead of just going by her word... if that makes sense? Again, not iron clad, but it's something... and when dealing with druggies some kind of paper is better than none since you just don't know what they'll do... you guys are trying to do the right thing by an innocent little boy, you shouldn't be open to punishment for it. This might be, maybe, a FREE way that you can cover yourselves. It doesn't in any way grant custody, that's why Sis was willing to sign it... but it was SOMETHING... you know?

    Worth a call anyways. At the very least the local district might be able to refer you to local agencies that help in these situations. They're almost guaranteed to have some sort of advocate on staff.
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    That is why we are looking for an attorney. One that won't bankrupt us.
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    I hear you... same boat back in the day... heck nowadays... but now sis won't sign for KK to come here. Personally I think the fact that she thrived beautifully might have something to do with it, but that's just speculation.

    Give the school a call, they may have some ideas for you... and contact any local charities... not always easy to get in touch with local shelters, since they often keep quiet to protect those that come there... but charities often refer people to those places and might be able to help with a name of a local attorney or firm that works for low or no cost.
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    Check online for guardianship requirements for your state; my understanding is that in AZ it is a simple paper to file with the court and allows the guardian to do anything for the child that a parent would do; well, there may be some limits, but typical things such as take to doctor, enroll in school, etc.

    Is this your stepson? If so your dh needs to file for custody with the family courts.
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    If the mother is amenable to signing the papers you can get a simple custodial agreement through one of those DIY legal centers and have her sign away her rights in front of a notary. A legal adoption will require a lawyer but with the mother's relinquishment already taken care of you'll just have to pay the lawyer for a court appearance and name change.
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    Good for you and Ken. The poor little guy deserves a break.

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