Well i am through with ducks, 5 dead


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The stupid dog that killed my mallard came back some time last night and somehow caved in the top of the chicken wire. He crushed my drake and killed my favorite female nellie by ripping out her neck and both the babies are gone. I am so going to kill the jerk and truthfully I want to find his owners and pop a few bullets into their heads also. I dont understand why some people cant contain and take care of their animals. I am so ticked off and sad right now. Soon my kids will be up and I will have to tell them. Though I am going to lie and tell them that they were stolen during the night as I cant stand seeing them break down again. My husband cleaned up the eveidence and fixed the pen to look like someone just went in and stole them. I am done keeping ducks is just to heartbreaking.
I know what you are feeling having been there TWICE. The first time I did the "right thing" caught the two dogs and confined them in my barn and called animal control. They had collars. They were sprung from the pound that same evening before I even had time to collect all the bodies and body parts! The owner claimed that he wasn't told that his dogs had attacked livestock or to keep them confined (we have leash law) Took the owner to small claims court sued for the $471 I had paid for the ducklings. The judge (dog owner) threw out the case and was going to charge me court costs for making such a high claim until I produced my Holderread invoice. (his birds are high quality but not cheap). After looking at the invoice he told me in open court that "I had more money than brains"! The Animal Control Officer I had as a witness was forced to admit that he didn't see the dogs do any actual killing since they were all dead by the time he arrived.
Purchased a 12 guage shotgun at the pawn shop.
About two months later I came home to find the same two dogs in my duck enclosure "playing" with the replacement flock. I applied the SSS policy.
I haven't seen the SSS policy mentioned on this board. Shoot Shovel & Shut up. (it applies to animals, not owners)
So sorry to hear of your loss.
& more
Loose dogs, my biggest fear for my poultry. Give it some time and you may decide to relook at your setup, do some reinforcing and get some more ducks.
I am so sorry.

Is there anyway you can reinforce the wiring and make it tougher...like hardwire cloth and put a really hot wire around it?

Pardon my bluntness but it is time to kill the darn dog. Just shoot the SOB or hit it with a shovel or whatever you have to but get rid of it.
Sorry to hear about your ducks.

This is what i did with an dog. If you know a friend that hunts ask them for a trail camera. Make sure the date stamp is correct and the time stamp.

Get the picture developed. Go to your local dog catcher your state should have license's correct. That is why you pay for dog licesence they will pay you back for you ducks and depending on the state is a big fine for killing livestock and not keeping your dog where it suppose to be.

Hope this helps.
Dogs are my concern as well....Too many people live around me with very large dogs who are always running loose..I live in the city it is crazy to have 150lb dogs and not controlling them...1 of my ducks was killed by one and I didnt think my ducks were ever going to get past what happened had to rehome his brother because after the attack he was never the same..He is doing good up the street with a new family,,,My females are good...I took them to court because I saw what happen and animal control caught them..After fines and court costs they shelled out $500 to get the dog back..I made it clear the next time that dog comes in my yard it wont be walking out!!! I have alot better pen now then pen they were in was fine if people didnt let the dogs run loose,,She tryed in court to blame me..It was my fault the pen wasnt stronger..She lost that battle...I am standing in court crying I loved him he was such a sweet duck and she had nothing to say!!
He is the darker of the 2 that was killed...

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BTW for those of you not ready for the SSS policy (read #2 above) I find one of those paint ball guns handy. If you hit the dog the paint ball will sting when it hits and mark the dog so the owner will know that the dog has been somewhere where he wasn't welcome.
I'm soo sorry to hear about your loss.
And regarding having more money than brains...Don't believe it. How many Dog owners spend thousands of dollars on a registered puppy, just for the fact that they are registered dogs? I'm not being biased here(AKC dog shower here), but it does make me wonder why some pet owners think they're better, just because their pet is more common.
As far as SSS, DH has a fifle, and we also have gas and pump action Pellet guns. As luck would have it, dogs haven't been an issue yet(knock on wood), Rather the neighbors have been coming over, asking ;"Oh, what type of bird is that....and , 'MAn I'd love to eat that one!" There have been times we wished we could have shot a BB in their rears. LOL!

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