well I don't think it is impacted crop, but WHAT??


10 Years
May 6, 2009
my BO I thought had impacted crop since she was acting the same/looking the same a my other chicken who had it. and her crop felt hard. s I gave her some olive oil bread and massaged. she has been pooping fine. big poops. so now I assume she isn't impacted. BUT, she's still acting funny and her bum is still going in and out and her bum feathers are all disgusting. so now what do I do?
I think we need a better overall picture of what is going on in order to help you. Tell us all about her - age, how long you've had her, etc.

There's a sticky at the top of this section that will help you with what sort of things to tell us so we can give educated advice.
She was born last may, so she's not even 1 1/2 yet. they eat layer pellets. sometimes I toss food in there for them (scraps) every once in a while I let them out in the yard. haven't been much lately since the baby is walking and I dont want him stepping in poop.
but I thought she was impacted bc I gave them sunflowers to eat the seeds out of. and I didn't throw enough grit for them.I did put more grit in and she gobbled up a ton of it. when I massaged her crop she kept gasping like it bothered her. or hopefully I didn't make her aspirate any of her stomach contents
shes laying, I saw her on the nest this morning. I assume she laid one. I'll have to check I guess?
she is pooping and eating normally yes. her vent is disgusting. her feathers are gross. her bum looks like there are no feathers there any longer. and I keep finding her laying around every once in a while. When I pick her up she keeps gasping like. its weird. but other than that she acts normal. I can't figure out what is wrong with her. everything looks normal besides the vent and the gasping.

but she poops fine. I picked her up and was rubbing her belly to see if I felt anything abnormal, an egg or anything and she pooped on me LOL!
Hmmm, i'm a little at a loss too. I think you might consider giving her organic ACV in her water and plain yogurt to eat every couple of days, along with some rest to see if she starts looking better.

You might also consider whether she might have a worm problem.

Those are just thoughts i had.

I hope she's o.k. Sometimes it's hard to know what it is except for unwell.

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