Well, I hope I did the right thing...


11 Years
Feb 6, 2010
Orange County
This morning was like any typical morning, Me and the kids fighting for the bathroom, mommy making breakfast and the kids school lunches, getting ready to pack in the car and get them off to school, etc...

"I asked my daughter Cameron, if she had checked on her babies this morning,...(mostly to get her out of the bathroom for a few minutes).
when she returned, she said they were all fine,... she said "Goldie", (her favorite, a Buff Orpington) was sleeping under the light, two others were eating, and the last two were "running all over the place playing tag".
I chuckled at that one, and finished shaving.

About that time, Mommy caled the kids to the kitchen to eat their breakfast, and get ready to go to school.
As I left the bathroom, and was headed for the kitchen to get a hot cup of joe,... I went through the living room to look at the chicks.

"Goldie",... was not "sleeping". "Goldie" did not make it through the night.

Cameron, apparently did not pick up on this when she looked a few minutes earlier.

I went to the kitchen, and whispered into my wifes ear of the not so good news. She looked at me with those Uh-oh eyes, and we steped outside to talk.
I told her to keep the kids busy when they finished eating their breakfast, and to keep them OUT of the living room, get them packed up, and off to school as quickly as possible.

After work today, I scrambled back to the feed store where we had purchased thes chicks last saturday, to get another Buff Orpington chick, in hopes that we could avert the inevitable emotional meltdown that we were in store for if Cameron was to discover that "Goldie" was gone.

well guess what,.....
THEY WERE ALL OUT of Buff's !!! no, No, NOOOOOO !!!!! THIS IS NOT GOOD !!!

I raced back home, looked up every feed store within 50 miles, and started calling.
15 miles away I found a store that had 5 buff's. I said to hold a strong one for me, and I was on my way.
I've gotten it home, and in the brooder, and it seems to be doing well, and their seems to be no fighting between the other chicks.

My wife and kids will be home shortly, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Cameron will not know anything has happened.
I hope I have done a good and "Right" thing to do here.
I don't want to lie to my kids,.. But at the same time, I don't want my little girl to have to experience the trauma of losing her "Favorite" just yet.

I feel that it will be better if she can just go on without knowing any difference. (She's only 8 years old).

so what say you ???
did I do the right thing here ???
or , should I have let her come home from school to find that "Goldie" was no longer with us ???
IMHO you did the right thing and it is exactly what I would have done.
You are just being a good dad and protecting your children from heartache. Hope it doesn't happen again soon...
IMHO you did the right thing and it is exactly what I would have done.
You are just being a good dad and protecting your children from heartache. Hope it doesn't happen again soon...
I think you are a very loving father to care enough about your daughters feeliings to race around looking for another chick. She's very lucky to have you. I don't see the harm in it, if you think it would break her heart. The bottom line is you know your daughter best.

We lost my 9 year old son's chicken about 2-3 weeks after she started laying to a hawk. Why does it always have to be the kids chickens?
In our first year raising chickens, we have lost 2 (the other one flew into the coop and broke her neck) We'll be hatching a black sex link for my son, so he can have another chicken of his own. I hope there's not a next time for your daughter, but sadly, I think it's just part of raising chickens.

Good luck.
As with a lot of things, the "rightness" of this one may be determined by whether or not you pull it off. You may save her from a heartbreak or you could break it twice, once over the chicken and once for realizing you tried to deceive her. For both of your sakes though, I hope it turns out well.
I don't see any harm in what you did. Everyone will handle this differently. At what age do we feel our children are ready to experience death? That's a personal choice and is also different depending on the kid.

If you had your kid's best interest at heart (and clearly you did), then you have to believe you did the right thing. You're the dad, and that's your job to make the right decisions on behalf of your kids.

And one day she'll be 18 or 19, heading to college, and you will get a good chuckle as you tell her this story. I've had many chuckles telling my 19 year old stories of how I protected her little feelings just like you did today.
There is nothing wrong with what you did, there is plenty of time to face reality. You are a great dad!

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