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    My little 13 week old chick, Harriet the WLH.got a pice of small string caught on one of the spurs on her tongue!i cut it of just by her beak.she is alright now, hoping hat the rest of the rope passes.harriet or one of my chickens or chicks or ducks will be doing a daily blog on here.thank you for reading!
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    Harriet-the night of the rope.

    Harriet's note:
    "Hey guys!guess what?!i swallowed the rope!thank goodness, I hate having sissors in my mouth.i feel much better, I ate and drank, I'm breathing ok and my eyes and nose are clear.and my cheaping is fine!well, I have to go to bed!talk to you in the morning!"
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Glad the string is not in her throat anymore. A fellow BYCer had a string get caught her chickens mouth and it was like choking her and ended up cutting off the circulation to the tongue and it fell out [​IMG]
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    Humans note:eek:h no.

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