Well, something got one of my Buffs last night...

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  1. I mean it was totally my fault. Two BO pullets escaped the run while I was putting everyone into the coop for the night and they went so far into some brush that my son and I couldn't get them out. We had to leave them, I had a baby crying in the house, etc. It was just a disaster. My sons chicken is a houdini and escapes all the time spending the night out of the pen but she can fly really well and she's black so I guess she blends better.
    My husband came home at around 2ishAM and found one of the girls laying under a ladder sleeping peacefully but never found the other girl. This AM we looked and looked for her and didn't find her anywhere, searched about 6 acres of all of our land, some of the neighbors woods, and my neighbors across the streets yard. All we found were two areas of the very fine butt feathers strewn on the ground. I feel awful and stupid. [​IMG]
    I'm thinking it was either a fox or a coyote. I found some old scat about 60-70 feet away from the coop. Makes me wonder how close they've been coming at night. Might have to camp out and check.
    RIP poor Buff Orpington girl. I'm so sorry something got you!
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    Sorry for your lose.

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