Well, that is one way to move a chicken run

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  1. So, I was having trouble figuring out how to lay mesh between coop and run since it had quite a gap underneath the actual coop and was NOT secure in the least. It probably isn't its final resting spot on the property so I wanted it to be flexible. (too much sun)

    So I hooked up a come-along to the hitch on my truck and pulled the pen off the ground, put jack stands underneath to hold it in the air. [​IMG] Easy peasy. It only took a few zipties to quickly attach mesh loosely to run and I was able to pop a board underneath the coop to close gap too.

    I set it back down and ziptied all the rest of mesh to the pen and used my bolt cutters to cut out the wire in front of the pop door.

    Voila! Chicken run
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    GENIUS! You did good!! [​IMG]
  3. Thanks, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I needed to move it with and thought, why can't I just lift it? LOL
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