Well the Guineas Flew the coop


8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Eastern NY
Well My two Guineas flew the coop they have been gone for a couple of weeks now And I have not heard or seen them. They kept taking off to sit on eggs in the woods, I would have to find them and remove the eggs, then they would stay in the coop but 30 Days later they would be sitting on a new nest and I had to keep doing this. They are now gone for a while now and I can't seem to find them, They used to come back to the coop during the day to eat but no longer. Guess there gone, I wish I knew if they just moved on or if they were killed. Id like some more but I am having a hard time finding them around here at the moment.
NY, I think they are gone, I had no nesting issues with them for 8 Months they always came back to the coop, And only one at a time would nest there other hung out with her during the day but always returned, they would take turn sitting.
I kind of wish mine would "flew the coop"... I have 4 about 4 months old and have 6 chickens about n18 months old. Since I've got them I had to move 4 of the chickens to another coop bc they were being picked on. i absolutely love my chickens. They have caused more stress for them than I'm willing to tolerate.
Nipper 75 where in PA are you, I live on the board and know someone that would give the Guineas a nice home.
Mine did not return, and I was referring to me as the good home, I do have a friend that lives in Honesdale that would also give them a good home, I live about an hour from Scraton, If you do want to get rid of them let me know maybe we could meet in Honesdale or something.

Do you have any pic's? Female male?
Joe G... I feel so stupid..lol I will definately think about giving them to you. I'm not sure of their gender but I think definately at least 1 male. They really are beautiful. I have 2 royal purples and 2 lavenders. I think one of the royals is the male. I will get some pics for you when I get home from work! Are you sure that you want to take on such a difficult task?

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