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    Thanks to all of you who offered your advice to us about 10 days ago. Turns out we have three hens and three roosters. And for the last couple days one of the roosters crows about 03:30 for a short while, and crows again about an hour after sunset... He's got his timezones messed up. We decided to call the first one that crowed Mozart, becuase Mozart was so flamboyant. Our girls, we call the bunch The Lemonheads, are the most forward of all the birds, they hop right out of the Chicken Hutch onto my arms, and now are exploring hopping and flying from my arms to the bed and back. Enegertic little buggers.

    So out of 6 babies we got 3 hens and 3 roosters. Being we've raised them since they were 2 days old we'll try our damnest to keep al the roosters, being they are bantam cochins they are pretty mellow a breed anyway and hopefully they don't squabble too much with each other. Big Dad is right nearby to boot anyone in the butt that does get a little big for his feathers...

    Here's a photo of our brood, the Lemonheads are always in the foreground of photos no matter what. They're still feathering out a bit, 6 weeks old on Wednesday night...


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