Well, we dealt with our first varmit today!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by DawnB, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. DawnB

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    So, I went to let the chickens out this morning and opened the people door to check for eggs. All the birds were wandering out...not showing that there was a visitor in the coop. I glanced over in the corner (where they've been laying eggs and notice a clump of grey. I thought it was my little hen who likes to hunker down in the corner...until I noticed FUR!!! [​IMG]

    What went through my head was, "Um, I don't have furry chickens!!" Upon closer inspection, it was a possum all curled up sleeping in the corner. Guess it's a compliment to my cozy coop-building skills! [​IMG]

    So, he didn't bother any of the chickens or the eggs. We forgot to put the pop door down till later that we have been (you know how life sorta gets in the way!?) He must have climbed the fence and wandered in because of the warmth some time last night before we shut the door. Go figure, the one night either I or my husband doesn't take a flashlight to check everything out and we end up with a visitor!!

    Well, Mr. Possum was unceremoniously booted his warm, fuzzy sleeping spot and intimately introduced to Mr. 22-cal. Once was enough. Don't need that kind of tenant!!
  2. aoxa

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    Oh my god! He just slept?!

    That is so strange... :rolleyes:
  3. DawnB

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    Yep, of course I found him 20min before I had to take my daughter to school and I had a roo who was being crotchety and wouldn't leave the coop. So, I got all the others out, he stayed in to sleep and moved the food bucket to the pen. He never bothered the roo. If I had to guess, he never moved out of the corner.

    When I got home, I tried to get him out myself. Didn't do much more that whack him with a shovel and irritate him, he hissed at me. He then proceeded to curl back into a ball and go back to sleep. So, I wedged him in the corner and waited till my husband ran home on his lunch hour. We got rid of him in about 10min!

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