Bedroom Farm Inc.
10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
the ducky room
i am getting a Leopard Gecko

my mom is leaving for washington again and whenever she is gone, she comes home to a new pet. it has become tradition lol. one time i got a bunny. the last time she went, she came home to a duckie. another time i got turtles. and another time i got froggies that i adopted from my friend's brother who didn't take care of them. soo this time it's a leopard gecko. it will have a huge home. i have an empty 60 gallon aquarium. i have a friend who has some and she loves them and they are sooo cute

i will post pics when i get it!! it will be awhile.. my mom hasn't even left yet HAHAHA
HAHAHA maybe she does!! i neber thought of that! she keeps telling me no more pets
haha she's funny
i was only allowed to have one duck and now i have 5 LOL when i was little i could have one cat, that turned into.. 13 at one point. we are down to 6 now LOL..

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