Welp Hatchery Turkey Assortment?


11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Tucson, Arizona
So, I have a question about Welp hatchery, if anyone has used them and what they got in their 'Hatchery's Choice' assortment of turkeys. I eventually want to get into heritage breeds, but this will be our first time having turkeys, so I am going to practice on the more affordable option. Has anyone bought this assortment? Am I doomed to all double-breasted Hulks?
you will get the turkeys that are for meat
that are double breasted and they are only
for meat and dont work for breeding
you would problably get one or two heritage
turkeys at the most
if you buy the hatchery choice assortment
if you need heritage turkeys that are not
shipped and stress from being shipped
i have heritage turkeys and awesome colors
i am in mesa arizona, have full grown
also can hatch you turkeys from my flock
or also have turkey eggs


The turkey in picture #2 portrays a true "rags to riches" story. This turkey spent endless days and nights pushing the shopping cart, picking up cans. Once he discovered the vacuum cleaner, he soon opened his own cleaning service, catering to the rich and famous. Now, independently wealthy, he raises his middle wing feather to the world, and lives like a rock star.
I think he is saying you will get mostly meat birds from Welp and not the heritage breeds shown in the pictures.

He is offering you to buy from him..
I'm sorry... I hope I didn't offend laughing about the other post. I really can't help you on the turkeys you are looking at because I have never ordered from Welp. But at the price they are listing I think most (if not all) will be meat types. The price is a little under what they sell BB Whites for, and BB Bronze is about .15 more than the whites. You could always call and ask...
last year i was going to get turkeys from welp
i talk to the representative and they said they
are always meat birds with one or two
heritage turkeys per order
with every hatchery the assortment
thats the reason that feed stores get
hatchery assortment cause its cheaper
heritage turkeys are always more expensive
with hatchery assortment it means what
ever is left from the orders which is
always meat turkeys and rarely you
would get one or two turkeys being heritage turkeys
the chocolate turkeys that welp saids
is chocolate is actually auburn and not chocolate
for nice colors and pure kevin porter is the best
from any hatchery he only breeds turkeys
and has the coolest colors porterturkeys.com
has the best turkeys and rare colors you wont find
anywhere else then in indiana at porter turkeys
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