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Jan 26, 2008
I submitted an online order to Welp yesterday. They had several of the breeds we wanted and most other hatcheries are out of almost everything. My chicks are supposed to mail next Wednesday.

Has anyone done business with Welp, and were you happy with them & their chicks?

ETA: Guess I should have read more earlier. Welp not only ships from Iowa, they also hatch and ship from Minnesota and New Mexico. Sometimes from more than one location depending on the breeds ordered. A call to Welp was made and they're very helpful. She checked my order and all of my breeds are coming from New Mexico. Okay, great. Welp hatches and ships on Wednesday, can't say I'm thrilled with that, but okay. Now the question is, will these chicks arrive by Friday?

The call to the post office. If only we could find someone with a brain. Now granted, we live in the sticks, but still. The little post office where our mail comes from = nobody there after 3:00 pm on Friday. One driver comes in on Saturday and drives the delivery route. So we asked what city the chicks would go through to be sorted onto trucks. Nearest major city = 60 miles. More than happy to drive it if it would save the chicks several hours in a box. NO... post office will not allow this. So now I can just sit and wait until NEXT Friday and hope they arrive safe and sound.
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I ordered 60 chicks, plus 8 guineas from Welp. They were shipped on September 8th I received them September 10th by 10:00 am. They were very lively, just very thirsty!!! They sent 1 extra silkie and 1 extra guinea. the extra guinea died the next Wednesday, but I don't know why. I inspected each chick upon arrival and they all appeared very healthy. They are all growing and have gotten their first set of feathers. I followed up last week with an email asking how to tell then hens from the roos and I received and email a few days later saying it might still be too early to tell, but if I wanted to take pics and send to them they would try to help determine the sex. (I have not done this). Hopefully, this helps you.
We ordered our meat birds from Welp. They were shipped on a Wednesday and we got a call 2 days later from the post office (before 7am!) that we had live chicks to pick up. Our post office is small also. So is the town...as in less than 1500 people. OK maybe more than that if you count those of us in the sticks...but not much more
I know it's too late to help you, but this is what I did this spring when I was planning on having chicks shipped to me. I've read the horror stories! I went to the post office once a week for five (maybe six) weeks to buy a pre-stamped envelope. No big deal, I'll use it eventually. But while I was there I chatted up the post office workers. This is a VERY, VERY small town. The post office has three (3) office workers. Not sure how many on the delivery route, though. Bottom line: now the postmistress knows me by face AND name. When I was advised my order had shipped (not Welp), I called and told her it was coming. When they arrived, she called ME to ask if I wanted to pick the little chickies up or wait for delivery. You all know what I did - broke every speed limit between my house and the post office, of course!
We had a group order shipped from the New Mexico (AKA Privett) location via Welp back in August. They were shipped from New Mexico to Alaska, all arrived hale and hardy. I think Debbie lost one a few days later, but the rest are doing great and are growing like weeds.

I plan on ordering from them again.
Thank you all for the responses, I actually do feel better. Not a single complaint, from this group anyway.

LALASD4 - They don't charge for shipping, it's included in the price of the chicks, which aren't any higher than anyone else. If you order less than 5 of any color or breed they do charge an extra $1.50 for each. We are just building a pretty laying flock with different colored eggs, so they kind of got me there. I ordered 11 different colors/breeds, but when I read under 5, I went back and each color where I'd ordered 4 I upped it to 5. My daughter thought I was nuts. Hey, the chicks that are 2.32 each, minus the 1.50 charge, the extra chick only cost .82 cents, so why not?
I got Delawares shipped out of AZ last year. They are great birds. I didn't loose any and they all grew into rather good examples of the breed. They also lay extremely well. Welp did everything they said they would and on time.
Well I guess I am the only complaint, but this is what happened to me with my spring order. I ordered all pullet Wellsummers and Cuckoo Marans. At least half of the chicks turned out to be cockerals. I won't be ordering from them again.

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