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    I ordered 17 Blue Andalusian and 8 Cuckoo Maran chicks from Welp. They were shipped Wed. and arrived here in middle Tn. Friday morning at 6AM! Two dead on arrival, but the rest are doing fine, very perky and playful and there was an extra marked roo sent. Customer service was good and always available. They said they would credit my card for the two that didn't make it and their guarantee runs for 48 hrs. after arrival. Only thing I did not like was the shipping container.... the sides as well as the top had all large open holes and maybe some could have been covered as the chicks were pretty vocal and cold on arrival. However they seemed to have been sent from Lubbock, Texas so what ever breeder shipped is responsible for that.

    I have ordered from MacMurray before and had no dead on arrivals in much colder weather but all in all I would reorder from either of these hatcheries. Welp was the only one that could supply Andalusians this time of year so I gave them a try..am happy with these chicks so far. [​IMG]
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    Congratulations on your babies! I like Welp and McMurray, too.

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