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11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
I orderd from welp and they are to ship on the 15 on this month. I was wondering if i will still get them! No conferm e-mail. I ordered on Friday. Maby its to soon. This is the 3rd time ordering from them. all my chickens are from Welp. I know the chickens will be happy and heathy but when will i get them!? LOL i dont whant to wait a nother month. But if i have to i will. lol Should i be worryed? Should i start looking for a nother hatchery? Thanks!

Chicken Girl
I ordered from welp a while ago, I believe they called me a day or so before hand, I remember the service beeing good. I would not stress you will here from them
Did you get your babys on time? Oh and i looked agen and i ordered on Thur. They are to ship on the 15. So i should get them on the 18?

Chicken Girl
yes got them on time I believe maybe a day late but they got to me 2 days after shipping all in good condition
they will call to remind you I am pretty sure. I liked Welp.
I hvae ordered from Welp for the first time and my peepers are to be shipped today, Monday 6/8/09. They sent a confirmation by email just after I ordered, and they moved the date one week later at that time.

They ship from a few different sites (check website) and I suspect the time it will take to get your chicks will depend on which one they ship from. I live in Washington State, so I don't expect them until Wednesday or Thursday. They state something along the line of "on the second day after shipping, and I read that as Wednesday. I am at least 1500 miles from the closest shipping point (New Mexico), so I'll be lucky to get them by Wednesday.

Keep an eye on this thread; I will let you know how long it takes, if they call or email, what the chicks are like and if they all make it. I am so excited! Keep reading for updates....
Thanks kipper! If they get you the babys on time then i should get mine! LOL I will check back! I think mine are comeing from Iowa? I am in Wi so about 2 days. Thanks i Hope I Get Them! LOL

Chicken Girl
they just e-mailed today. I will not be geting my order this month. I will have to wait till July 8,09!
I gess i will have to do somthing till then!

Chicken Girl
I am so sorry to hear about the delay:( . It is so hard to wait, isn't it? I hope you get them with no trouble.

We haven't heard a peep from Welp, so it seems the chicks are a commin'
. I will post on here again and let you know how it goes if you like, ok?

By the way, what breed(s) did you order and did you choose pullets, straight run, or cockerells?
Yes i would love to hear how it goes with your order! Oh yeah i got
Ameraucana (Araucana) Female-1
Cochin-Giant Blue-Female-1
Mille Fleur dUccle Bantam Straight Run-1
White Silkie Bantam Straight Run-1
New Hampshire Red - Female-5
Rare Buckeye Straight Run-5
Jersey Black Giant Female-5
Rare Mottled Java Female-5
Buff Orpington - Female-1
Silver Spangled Hamburg Female-1
We are just kinda seeing what we like and what we whant to do with the breeds. The ones that we got with all the 5's we are going to eat some of them to see how they taste. I am so happy i am get them thought! LOL Even thought i have to wait! Thanks And you make sure that you post how it all goes! And what breeds did you get?

Chicken Girl

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