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    So, I have been stalking the Welp Hatchery website, since I plan on making an order very soon for March. I had printed off the "Welp Baby Chick Pricing" for 2010 & 2011 and noticed this change:


    "A fee of $1.50 will be charged for any breed/sex ordered in a quantity of less than 5. Must still meet the minimum for each poultry type in order to ship"


    "Pullets and Straight Run must be ordered in quantities of 5 or more, If less than 5 males, $1.50 charge" [​IMG]

    Well that stinks, because I had a few varities that I didn't want 5 or more & was more than willing to pay the $1.50...Also, now if I don't get males, they charge me $1.50 (I am assuming) per breed? I may be going back to Ideal...we'll see!
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    You could always sell the extras.

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