Welsh Harlequin Silver or Gold ......


11 Years
Jun 26, 2012
Buckley, Wa
Hey all. So this is my second year breeding WH. I have seven 12 week old WH. All of them came from only 2 ducks and one drake, thanks to Coyote attack 😔. The ducks are pure WH, drake was 1/4 Rouen. I no longer have the drake I replaced him with a pure WH from good lines. Their babies just hatched so it will be interesting to see how they turn out.
So my question is are the 12 week olds gold or silver phase? I have been doing research and find descriptions are rather vague. Some of them a darker than I hatched last year. Not sure if it's a gold phase thing or the 1/8th Rouen is showing.



Blue speculum would indicate silver phase and green/khaki speculum would indicate gold phase. There is also a very slight color difference to the new baby down but you're past that stage :plbb
All silver - 2 drakes the rest ducks - LUCKY YOU! I would get rid of the drake that has the female stripes on his tail coverts (the lighter one in the middle of the group photo) and the duck that has white on her face. The rest are very nice. They don't have adult feathering yet but so far the rest of them look pretty good according to standard.

ETA- the standard calls for the darker coloring/blushed hoods

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