Welsummer BANTAM chicks for sale Show Winners Dallas,Texas


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Jun 7, 2009
Dear fellow poultry lovers,
I have 3 trio's Welsummer Bantams chicks for sale. 5 weeks old.
Last year I imported some Welsummer BANTAM hatching eggs from top breeders in and near the City of Welsum Holland.
We were blessed with 1 rooster and 4 hens.
I entered 3 of them this past January in the Fort-Worth Stock Show and won the following:Rooster:first prize;hen1:first prize;hen2 second prize.
I sold a number of hatching eggs to various breeders and have hatching eggs available again but also 3 trios.
If interested please contact me.
WOW! Like I need some of those!!!!!

Shipping available???

Thanks for the prompt response! Wished you would be able to ship! Will let the club know about this deal!
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what did you win first prize in? was it in variety? breed? class? champion?? thanks.
I would love to get a roo for my Welsummer Bantam girls!!!! Lovely outcross that would be! But it is not to be, shipping would be too hot.

Someone will be very lucky to get this lot!

price wise, it is pricey but you will pay for what you get!
Another 5 chicks out of my Dutch brood stock was born 07-29-09
All are healthy, beautiful and strong.
Ed, I will price them at 6 weeks.They may already have been spoken for.

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