Welsummer bantams - Romney WV


16 Years
Nov 27, 2007
Dover TN
Welsummer bantams, priced by pair but there are 2 cockerels and 5 pullets available. I will sell single cockerels (but not pullets), pairs or trios. They are 4+ mo. old. I will ship if you can provide the box as I don't have any suitable post office approved boxes. Otherwise, pickup is 50 miles west of Winchester VA.
Thank you for looking.
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These are a combination of gamebirdonly lines and another. I was unable to find out information about the other line. They lay a med brown egg. None of the bantam Welsummers lay as dark an egg as the LF. They also lay a good sized egg for bantams. Miine are not laying yet. I'm basing this on the eggs they were hatched from.

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