welsummer boy/girl??

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From a complete beginner's eye, I'm thinking we have a boy and a girl welsummer. Hoping for 2 girls, but what do you think?? One has such pointy back feathers, but very small comb. He/She is such a sweetheart of the 4 we have!

This is "pepsi" who we think might be a boy since the tail feathers...

another Pepsi photo:

This is "cola" the one we think is a girl for comparison:

If we do have a boy, any thoughts on welsummer roosters - quiet/loud, calm/aggressive in general?
Looks girly to me. The boys will get black breast and tail feathers and you'll see red coming in on the wing-bows.

You can feather sex them as young chicks too. The girls will have a distinct dark 'V' on their heads where the boys its lighter and more blurry. If you are still in doubt, go back to their baby pictures and look at their heads.

I love my Welsummer and hope that you enjoy yours too!
Oh, I hope so!
As babies they both had the distinct v and eye liner look, looked alike then. It was the tail feathers that started to look so different now that we started to worry. But maybe that's just the way they are coming in...
Looks like a girl to me..if you scroll down the page, just two days ago i put up my welsummer rooster...the comb is huge..my girls have ones that look like this...his is already turning red and grows everyday.
Both are girls. If you had a boy, you'd know it as the comb would be large already and he'd have black on his chest.

Here's a cockeral in front with a pullet in the back:
I can see now by the pics what you mean!
Thanks!!!! It's great to have a comparison and I'm looking forward to more eggs now!

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