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    I made this thread so that people could have a nice talk about welsummers. I don't want any fighting about wether or not people like them. I just people to share stories and good and bad experiences.[​IMG]

    I have 13 welsummers right now. I purchased 2 dozen eggs from a breeder at a chicken show. I got 13 out of 24 I think that that was pretty good for my first time![​IMG]
    I got 3 roosters and 10 hens. I bought them because I wanted the dark eggs to sell. I am planning on selling the 3 roosters because they are related. I really like the breed, they are magnificent foragers. I also have 6 Maran hens. They are older than the welsummers so they are separate for now.

    Please leave lots of comments and stories![​IMG]
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