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    Dec 30, 2015
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    I have a question! If someone has a Welsummer Hen but she doesn't produce dark brown eggs, say hers are lighter with brown spots etc. would that mean that her offspring will also tend to have the same coloring?

    Any thoughts are appreciated. :)
  2. Michael OShay

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    May 14, 2014
    Very likely. Lighter brown eggs are not uncommon with hatchery quality Welsummer hens that do not meet SOP standards.
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  3. Lady of McCamley

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    I have had one Welsummer lay very dark eggs, one lay the lighter eggs with blotches, and several Welsummer crosses that laid just regular brown eggs, which the breeder fully expected as the dark brown is not dominant.

    The dark brown wash is pretty complicated genetics, and once you've lost it in the hen, she won't be adding it to her offspring.

    It has been my experience that once lost, it doesn't throw back...but I am just starting my dark egg breeding program.

    I've read that typically you get a middle road if you breed dark to light...a middle tan. If you breed light/splotchy to dark??? I don't think you'll get dark.

    I remove those hens from the breeding as I don't won't that cropping up in my dark line.

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