Welsummer hen seems egg bound, but is pooping

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    Apr 28, 2009
    I have a Welsummer laying hen who seems to have a strange (to me) combination of symptoms.

    She is in good/normal condition. I'm unsure of age, she was a poultry swap buy, but only lays about 3 eggs a week at best, so maybe older.

    1. Limping/walking gingerly
    2. Sitting almost constantly and in strange places over last two days
    3. When she stands she looks like she's doing something with her tail / straining?

    Which sounds classic for egg bound except:
    1. She's pooping.
    2. I think I've heard her cough twice in the hour or so I've had her under close observation.

    All 7 other hens seem fine. And this one actually seems lively and very aware.

    Is she eggbound? It sounds like it but the pooping and maybe coughing has me confused- I searched the forum but didn't find an answer in previous posts.

    I currently have her in the garage in a dog crate positioned over a bucket with a bucket heater in it to create some steam.
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    When my chicken was egg bound she was pooping too. I guess it just didnt come down far enough to block the poop passage way. It sounds like egg binding to me.

    Give her a warm bath
    Massage her abdomen
    Massage downward

    You may need to help her push the egg out. Good luck.

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