Welsummer - Lucy's 2nd egg - WOAH!


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9 Years
Aug 19, 2010
central VA
Last summer I got 2 Welsummer girls - so sweet! One of them started laying at about a month ago. She laid a large egg for her first one and there was a little blood on it, but she did great!

My second one, Lucy, waited until she was 11 months and 2 days old to lay her first - 3 days ago. It was only SLIGHTLY smaller than THIS one!
Today she laid her second egg and it was just too big not to share. I can't believe she's laying EXTRA large eggs right off the bat! (Poor girl!) I guess her dye system hasn't figured itself out? Her first was only about half splattered with blobs of dark brown. But I can't believe how big this egg is! I guess it was worth the wait for her to start laying!



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10 Years
Aug 5, 2009
I lost my Welsummer hen awhile ago. She was one of my absolute favorite hens and such beautiful eggs. RIP Fancy Feathers!

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