Welsummer pullets or cockerels?


Apr 27, 2020
I hatched these chicks, they hatched May 17th which makes them 3 weeks and a couple days.
the first two pictures are of the one I think is a cockerel. The comb came in quick and all of a sudden turned red. The second two pictures I’m not sure of cause the comb is pinkish but not as red and the first one. The last two pictures I’m pretty sure is a pullet. 3430D3BE-5449-460D-8D06-3D39E2AC55E8.jpeg


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Chick 1: cockerel
Chick 2: possible cockerel
Chick 3: possible pullet
Post in like three weeks to know for sure, but the first one is definitely a cockerel. I’m pretty sure they are not welsummers, I know the last one isn’t. It’s hard to tell though from the red lighting. I can’t see the comb on the last one, but it looks like an Easter Egger.
They came from a Welsummer hen. We got a couple roosters from a guy who was moving and we don’t know what the roosters are.
#2 is definitely a 'hold'- my Welsummer pullets had little combs but no wattles at about the same age. Watch the breast feathers on #1 and #2- if they start to come in black you definitely have Welsummer cockerels.

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