Welsummer...Roo or Hen?

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  1. I bought these two 'Welsummer Hens' about 6 weeks ago from some guy who just had a little backyard flock of odds and ends. His ad said they'd start laying around May. Well into June now I haven't seen any pretty dark eggs. Iv'e waited and waited. No dark eggs, and no increase in the amount of eggs i'm getting either.

    today I swapped out the chickens in this coop...I left my two wellies and rooster and started putting in some younger hens I had growing in a stall in my barn. Well I guess I accidentally snagged a young rooster two and he and my welsummer 'hens' just were really going at it. I'm startng to suspect something here.

    So here's some pics I snapped tonight, I hope it's enough. I can take more pics tomorrow but...maybe there's someone out there who used to seeing welsummer roosters and welsummer hens and can tell heads from tails here


  2. tellynpeep

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    Those are definitely hens. My wellie roo is 11 weeks and has a huge comb and wattles, greenish black long tail feathers all the saddle feathers ect. You couldn't miss it if she were a he.
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    Definitely wellie girls. They look like they should be getting close to point of lay, but mine were fairly slow to start laying. Nothing like my leghorns... and slower than my barred rocks.
  5. Thanks for the info. I was all excited about getting these girls and no eggs! And they're so dominant with the other chickens. I decided to kick out all my older hens and let them free range last night and I put these 2 out with them since they're just trouble.
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    Yup girls.

    Here is what a wellie boy looks like:

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