Went to get Hay.......ended up in a ditch... just not my week, LOL

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    Well the beginning of the week had a pottbellie vs. Horse fight, pulled over a whole section of corral fencing in the process. [​IMG] That was real fun trying to put back up by myself. Then I went out to feed and my horse Dante (same one in the fight) came up to me with a 4" gash in his chest with a hunk of muscle showing. [​IMG] Great, so call the vet.... he is 2 hrs out, so i have to suture him myself with no pain killers on hand. Good thing he will let you do anything to him, especially if you are feeding him cookies. Next morning i go out to feed and one of my Swinhoe pheasant hens is walking around - out side her pen !!!!! [​IMG] Thank goodness I had clipped her wings, but I spent most of the day trying to chase her down. Then the next day I go to get hay, hubby had hooked up the 20ft trailer for me. I do a check on the hook up and off I go...Sophie came along for the ride. Picked up 3 rolls of hay, and on my way out is a steep driveway with not a lot of room. I turn the truck wide, think I have got it clear, then........... wack bam bam.... Trailer hops off the ball and slides into the ditch...dragging my truck with it... UGH !!!!! My dearest hubby forgot to turn the 3 ball hitch to the proper ball size when he hooked it up and I didn't notice !!!! [​IMG]
    Well being the nice country people they are, they used the tractor to prop up my trailer( since the jack stand was pretty much torn off.....) so we could put it back on the proper size ball and get out of the ditch. I went straight home and got in bed. If that's how my day started I wasn't taking any chances..... [​IMG]
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    Awwww, been there, done that. [​IMG]
  3. chickflick

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Wow! Did you have to change your pants after that?? [​IMG] Glad you are ok. Now, stay in bed!!
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Glad you were OK.
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    Geez Chickenzoo! Please stay under the covers until your personal rain cloud passes by!
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    Stay in bed...don't want to take anyone else with you! That is so horribley and funny at the same time cuz I have done similiar things! Glad everyone is ok!
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    Who won the horse/piggy fight?? [​IMG]
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    Quote:Mr. Wilbur.... the pig, LOL. He will harass Dante relentlessly, hair all bristled up, mouth chomping.... so mean to my horse. All the others he loves - just Dante. [​IMG]
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    whew!!! after a week like that [​IMG]

    To quote my dear friend Buff Hooligans - Some Days its just not worth chewing through the restraints
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    The stars are stacked against you girl. Get back in bed.

    If only we really did get a warning like that on those Murphy's Law Days...

    Today I got quite a bit done, had to go to the mall to do some. All went well until I went to leave. Pulled out and had to stop behind this car that had stopped. So I'm sitting and waiting. She puts it in reverse.... coming coming coming... not slowing down... ACK... so I tried to throw the truck into reverse, ended up landing in park and blam that's when she hit. I let out a few choice words that scared some pedestrians standing right there (didn't realize my window was down 4")... truck was already in park so I just turned it off and got out. She got out, asked if I was okay. Then we look. Of course my Big Girl (93 Silverado) isn't so much as dented... hellllooo metal bumper! Her little tin can surprisingly isn't either. She says "Well my car's the one damaged and I ain't tripping so..." I was like "Okkkaayyy" the she hopped in her car, parked, and just sat there. So I drove off puzzled. If I had to guess I'd say she didn't have insurance and didn't want to be cited (and in my city towed) for that and for causing an accident. *shrug* Whatever. But I was a bit fluttery for about half an hour.

    So... point of the ramble... you aren't the only one with a wrench in your day... but, you just have to grab the wrench, put it in your trunk (you really never know when you'll need one) and go on... here's hoping for a calm, event free, lovely weathered weekend for us both.

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