We're getting goats!!!!!!!


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Friends of ours 'rescued' two goats, brother and sister, and have decided that we are better suited for them. OK, no problem, we are zoned and have 10 acres. They have set up the electric fence. I have some questions if someone can help me out, please don't bash me, I am just new at this and want to do what is best for them.
The male is not castrated BUT she has never had a kid, she did, however, lose one a few years ago from malnourishment from the former owners. Curious why she never had another, but am also looking into getting him castrated ASAP. They both also have horns, I hav eno clue on the breed, but they are small. Also, they say bucks smell really bad, so if I get him castraqted, that will change, correct? Now, big question, can't they JUMP over an electric fence?
\\Thanks in advanced
If he is castrated, yes he SHOULD no longer small once the rut wears off. Some will continue to attempt to urinate on themselves, but its not common.

I use four strand electric fence four my goats. It's the FIRST fence I don't have escapees from. I had to teach them about the fence, but once they learned, that's all it took.
Awesome babe!! How nice for you
I'm trying to figure out when I can drive to Saratoga and pick up my little sweeties
I'm no goat expert just my experience's.We got a pygmy billy about 5 years ago.He was a Big baby.He hated rain and being left out anywhere.That changed though within a few months.We got some pig's and he decided he wanted to move in with them lol.He just slept with them etc.When we got the pig's up for slaughter sale he got all mad and ran off to neighbors cattle feild.We chased and tied that goat so much wasnt funny.Neighbor said let him free range NP.That goat has been with cows since.He has Huge horn's now and both neighbors love him.I got 3 Nubian's next.One yearling doe and 2 to bottle feed one was buck.Yike's.We named the boy's Butch and Sundance.Even with 4 1/2 -5 feet fence nuttin was keeping that girl in.The 2 young was always getting into messes.Doe broke horn off in some tree and we almost lost her.Seller helped save her by burning it.OMG Horrible experience.She had gotten the goat from someone else and the previous owner's hadnt burned the horn's soon enough and they can grow back.They was on front porch on a 3" ledge at bay window broke outside furniture ate like $75 in new plants in one day LOL.I loved my goats but with a full time job at that time and all the other bird's and stuff We decided to place them.They got a good home and Molly The doe had twin's the next winter.BillyBob come's over every day or so yet and he is just being Billy.I'll have to get a new pic of him. He's An OLLLDD Goat lol.And I can tell when he is anywhere close Phew!My neighbor has 2 Australian goats(tiny) one Doe and He keeps them penned up Good ! Away AWAY Billybob.I think it would be LONG time or until I have Fort Knox Built up before I would get anymore.I hope they work out for ya.They are cool and most are easily tamed and love hound's.Just Houdini's and can escape stuff easily.Just dont put collars on them they will find somewhere to hang it on and Bleeeeeeeee.

Molly after severely broken horn.

Molly's twin's Feb'08
In order to check out any fence you may be planning on having them in, once you have it built, pour water in it. If it holds the water, it will hold the goat. I've never seen a goat jump a fence, doesn't mean they can't just that I've never seen them do it. I do, however, see them jump on top of anything they can, including me if I'm in their pen, and am bent over for whatever reason.

I have 2 goats, a nubian named Brown Sugar, and a Nigerian dwarf mixed called Gidget. Sugar is the calmer of the 2, and very rarely escapes. But, Gidget learned early on that if she can find the right spot on the fence, she can go UNDER it! (I have a chain link pen for them.) On one side, I've put cattle panels right next to the fence, and on another side, I have cattle panels about 3 feet from the fence, but tied into their pen. Gidget has not escaped since I've done this.

Once you have your billy wethered, you need to be careful of his diet. He can develop urinary problems if he eats the wrong thing.

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