Were these eggs layed by the same hen?

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Similar eggs in size and general color, but one is a little darker and lightly speckled. I watched the unspeckled one drop out of my blue Cochin this morning (she was recently egg-bound, so yay!). I found the other egg yesterday in the coop. Could it be hers as well, or has our Buff Orp started laying?


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I would say it is a possibility.... I have never had my buff orps lay an egg speckled in that fashion before. Of course my orps don't encompass the essance of all orps, but that's just my opinion!
Sometimes pullets' and hens' eggs vary in color and speckly-ness. For instance, one of my Golden Comets, Poppy, will lay a dark brown egg one day, a light brown egg another day, a speckled egg the next day...
Thanks for the replies
. I wasn't sure if a chicken's eggs were pretty consistent in color and texture; I guess I'll just assume they're both cochin eggs. If they are both hers, two days in a row after being unwell must be a good sign.
Toward the beggining of the laying cycle, the eggs will be dark. As the laying cycle goes along, the eggs will get lighter; sometimes this is very noticable.

I don't think those are splotches of color; they look like pores. That's just a problem with the egg and happens with any hen, but I've noticed my "porey" egg layers tend to lay mostly porus eggs, and the others rarely do.

It's possible they're from the same hen.
My hens' eggs don't look the same from day to day. They vary in size and speckles and shade. Probably depends on what they eat. Mine are free range.
I have two buff orphingtons who have laid eggs like the spotted ones. Some days they like to impress me with their artwork. Lol

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