Western Chicken Flea / Black Hen Flea - Help!!!

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    Mar 23, 2014
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    Today when collecting eggs I noticed a small black bug in the nest box. I was curious so I pushed some savings a aside and to my horror a flea! [​IMG] Growing up with cats and dog you can trust that I know a flee when I see one. After further investigation in all of the boxes sure enough there were quite a few of them. They look quite similar to dog fleas and when I squished one there was blood.

    Has ANYONE been able to successfully treat theses fleas?! I can barley find any information about them...

    This is the most info I could find:
    "The Western Chicken Flea, also known as the Black Hen Flea, is a flea that is predominantly isolated to the Pacific Northwest. This flea is only occasionally found on the chickens, instead preferring to live among the droppings."

    I am planning on dusting everything and everyone with food grade diatomsceous earth.

    I will try and get a picture of them as I could not fine a single one...

    Thanks in advance![​IMG]
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    You can use the frontline for cats on the birds. Idk if DE will be enough to kill the fleas, poultry dust might be better. Idk how many birds you have but flea shampoo for dogs or cats would also work if you don't mind the bother of bathing and blow drying your birds.

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