Western Mass, Two Pullets+Cockerel


Dec 13, 2017
Mass Hilltowns
Hoping to get a $50 head start towards pasture building!

This group hatched and shipped from Murray McMurray on 5/20, about 16 weeks? Everyone was just treated AGAIN for northern Fowl Mites. It's my older hens that have the infestation, but the young birds got treated as well as precaution.

Delaware Cockerel, his name is Dell, he crows a bit goofy in the AM. Long legs and awkward, but hasn't challenged our head Roo or bullied any ladies.
Buff Orpington pullet.
Jersey Giant pullet.

OR two Jersey is an option.

(I have two Orpington and 3 JG, they'll just be a random grab, no one but Dell got singled out for this sell off.)

Western MA. I am willing to travel some to meet, but gas on on my van is a killer so hopefully you'll be fairly local. I presume shipping is cost prohibitive.

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