Wet and Cold Chicken


7 Years
Jul 7, 2015
SE Wisconsin
I have an auto door closer for the coop. I was late from work and one chicken didn't make it in. Its been raining and 40 degrees. She is soaked (even tho she has plenty of shelter she could have stayed under and not in the middle of the rain). I got her in the coop and on the roost.

Im thinking of bringing her in the house for a bit to warm her up and dry her. Or am I over reacting?
Dorothy aka Dotty the trouble maker. And she is NOT impressed. HAHA
D Bird.jpg
dirty bird.jpg
Gotta love a problem child.

She isn't horribly wet in the pics. :thumbsup
Yeah I think I thought she was more wet until I got her inside. I wiped a lot off with the towel. the heat blows the most in my small bathroom, so right now she is staring at her self in the mirror. I'll do a couple minutes on the blow dryer and get her back to bed.
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