wet birds


designated lawn flamingo
9 Years
May 27, 2010
Reno, Nevada
its been pouring for the past two days here, my girls' first rain. i thought theyd go into their coop once it started getting bad out, but they havent. i just went and checked on them and they are soaking wet huddling in the corner. ive tarped off a part of the run for them to stay dry under, but my question is should i towel them off a little? its not freezing out but it aint warm, and they are pretty wet.

let me know please, and thanks
If they are full grown, they should be o.k. Usually, the water doesn't actually soak down to their skin. The easiest thing is to put a heat lamp in with them if you're concerned, so they can dry off and warm up.
I'd give them a little extra TLC if they weren't full grown but if they are, I wouldn't worry about it. Mine go outside all the time in the pouring rain to frolic around until they're looking like drowned rats.. then they go inside to dry off and repeat the process
I live in Western Washington so it rains a lot. The chickens are always out in the rain. They love it because the worms come up. They do find a dry place when they are resting. The water never bothered them and they dry pretty quickly.

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