wet eggs??


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9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
I have a Seb goose laying. She has 7 eggs. Unfortunately she picked a place where the eggs could get wet. We had 5" of rain today.....wet eggs. What should I do? Leave them alone, bring them in (lost all eggs that were in incubator) wipe them off and build up nest????? We are supposed to have rain tom. and Wed.
Please, need suggestions. p.s. she is not setting yet.
If they are wet from being rained on no proplem! if they were sitting in a shallow puddle they are likely to be ok as long as the goose hadn't started setting so they didn't suffer from lack of heat. there has been some debate about eggs that were actually underwater with some insisting that they had got them to hatch and others insisting that they could not hatch. I don't have any experience with sunken eggs myself. I would bring a bunch of nesting materials and if the goose showed no signs of building up the nest i would do that myself. A flooded nest is impossible to keep eggs warm enough to hatch. On the other hand geese often nest in swamps but usually on a high spot or in well built high nests. Please report back on what you do and if it worked or not.

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