Wet floor coop ideas


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Aug 18, 2019
Winter is the worst, rain and muddy puddles 😩
My coop is built on dirt and is wet from the ground being wet underneath I think. I have added bags of sand to help and it has worked for a while but now the sand is wet and won't dry out.
Any ideas what I can do?

I have 22 Silkie chickens at the moment, they have the coop plus enclosed area plus fenced in area outside that area to forage under the trees.
I can take more pics when I'm back up there later of the inside.
For me, in my very wet Northwest Oregon location, pine shavings is the only thing that keeps the mud down. It mixes with the soil creating compost, absorbs moisture, and holds smell down (unlike sand which stagnates in my wet clay).

I've also used larger bark chips in the outside run.

What I've done.
X2 pine shavings has always kept my coop dry on wet and cold winters (or days).
x3 Arborist mulch/wood chips/shavings/organic material.

I tend to water for multiple days to deep water (have non-potable irrigation water) and when I do it over arborist mulch/chips, such as in our chicken run, it's never soggy/muddy afterward and the chickens don't seem to have any problem with it. Over time our decomposed granite soil has loosened up considerably with all that organic material thats worked its way down and the worm activity, etc. Have two silkies in the flock and they're fine running around on our chunky wood chips
Pic of inside.. and I have bale of pine shavings so would that be good to throw on top?
The sand is completely wet, it was their perfect dry group dust bathing spot 😢


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