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    Vent Gleet is caused by letting chickens eat rotted food, of any kind.

    Also it is from Some antifungal that the bird has taken in.

    As soon as you have confirmed the case is Vent gleet, it is time to doctor the chicken for it

    Treating vent gleet is with a thorough cleansing of the chickens vent area and feather there.

    . After you have the bird cleaned, then put on the hens vent a topical cream daily for up to 2 weeks time.

    The cream needs to be anti-fungal such as you use on a case of athlete's foot.

    Nystatin is very good but may require a veterinary prescription.

    You can use probiotics or garlic added to water while treating the vent gleet.

    Vent gleet is caused by yeast in the vent.

    Do not give antibiotics while treating vent gleet.

    If given antibiotics will make the vent gleet worse.

    It could be an antibiotic caused the vent gleet.

    Basically to prevent Vent gleet is by keeping the coop area clean, healthy fresh food, and water.

    By keeping the chicken house clean, always keeping a dry environment is the only way to keeping healthy chickens.

    A clean dry area to live in makes the chickens safe from any yeast growth.

    Besure and add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of drinking water in plastic chicken waterers.

    The use of probiotics helps to maintain good gut bacteria thus keeping vent gleet away from the hens body.
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    Thanks that's helpful
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    I appreciate your reading and replying.

    I also want to add for all the chickens to eat:

    WET MASH PROBIOTIC FEED as a treat for the chickens,

    What they will eat in 20-30 minutes and then you clean up the wet feeders.

    1 gallon of dry mash (crumbles)
    2 gallon of milk (sour is great as they like it, to sour a gallon use 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar per gallon)
    1 cup non flavored yoguart
    mix and feed 2 tsp per chick twice week
    and then once a week when not medicating chicks for life
    Also when not medicating put 2 tbsp of ACV per gallon of water they drink three times a week
    ACV only helps the chicken to use calium and vit D thoughly in their bodies
    for adult chickens feed 3 tbsp per time
    what they can eat in 20-30 minutes
    then clean wet feeder and restock dry crumbles
    single chick
    2 tsp of dry crumbles
    4 tsp of milk
    1 tbsp of yoguart
    mix good and feed
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