What’s Bugging Bagheera?

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    Thirty additional meetings over a 2 month period at work for strategic planning?
    Sounds like a job security to me.
    I think Bagheera will be fine. I dont believe there's anything serious going on. She mightve inhaled a feed granule and it might be working its way into or through a sinus cavity. I've had that happen in one of my hens, a red star a long time ago, and there's nothing that can be done unless it comes up just under her skin on one side of her face.
    It'll appear as a white in color "zit." It can be removed by minor surgery and applying neosporin afterwards for a few days, no problem.

    You mentioned something respiratory going on in your flock. If that's the case, there's the possibility of mucus located in the trachea. They try to loosen the mucus by head shaking in order to properly breathe, you would most likely hear wheezing as well. That's if it's not small flying insects bothering her.
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    So I was able to run home for a couple minutes before my meeting last night and Bagheera seemed fine. When I got home after the meeting, she was roosting up high, as usual. This morning her crop was empty, and she seemed good.

    However, I just got home from work and found her dead. I’m so sad and so is Bridge, the only remaining hen from my original four. Bagheera was in the area I usually use for sick birds. They seem to go there when they aren’t feeling well. Her weird breathing thing had gone away, or so I thought.

    Her body is stiff, but her underside was still a bit warm. Her head had ants all over it. I found her face down looking like she had just laid down and died there. No wings or legs out or anything dramatic.

    Can I still send her in for necropsy even though it seems she died hours ago?
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    OMG Michelle. I am so sorry. How heartbreaking.
    You deserve to know what happened. Send her. I know it’s hard. Hugs.
    Davis receives way worse specimens. I am so sorry.
    It sounds like she passed quickly and peacefully.
    RIP Bagheera. My fave character in Jungle Book.
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    :hugs so sorry for your loss. At least it sounds like a peaceful passing.
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    @micstrachan Holy cow! I'm completely surprised this happened! I didnt see any indication that she was at death's door. I'm sorry she's gone and for your loss. I agree with Kathy Golla, please try to get a necropsy performed.
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    Thank you, Kathy. My son named her after Bagheera from Jungle Book. She should arrive at UC Davis tomorrow morning. l will keep everyone posted.
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    Thank. I’ll let everyone know what happened when I get the primary (and eventually final) report.
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    Thank you.
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    Ok, I know it’s pointless to speculate, since I’m getting the necropsy done. But I just can’t help myself! Here’s a thought...

    I had a crazy work week with three night meetings. For my flock, that means no free range time on the days with night meetings, since I get home after dark. In anticipation of this week, I got two giant bags of rice hulls last weekend so the girls could keep busy. It is their favorite toy, helping with boredom and behavior. Bagheera was digging so vigorously, she had white powder all over her black feathers. Could the rice hull dust have been a problem? I hope this didn’t cause her to suffocate or anything crazy like that. Here she was on Saturday (Bagheera is the black australorp... hardly looking like she’s at death’s door.) I really hope to get a preliminary report sooner than later.


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