What’s in this egg?!


Jul 8, 2021
Hi all!
New to chickens here, my girls (and boy) are about 6 months old. Laying began a few weeks ago. This morning I collected an egg and to my surprise found this inside. It was only in the coop no more than a day as I collect multiple times a day. Any ideas?



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You might look at meat spots and egg spots in this link. That is a meat spot. The EQH is mainly written for the commercial operations so don't pay too much attention to causes and such. We are not commercial operations. Those are more common in pullets just starting to lay but any hen can do that at any time.

That kind of stuff is pretty common in all eggs. The reason you don't see it with commercial eggs is that commercial operations electronically candle their eggs before packaging so customers don't see it. They sell those eggs to places where it doesn't matter, maybe a bakery or someplace that uses them in pet food.

Like Sequel, I think opening our eggs into a small bowl before you use them is a great idea.

Egg Quality Handbook


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