What’s wrong with her???


Feb 25, 2021
Our 3 year old hen has come down with something over the past couple of days.

- She hasn’t eaten her pellets for two days and shows no interest in them (although she will eat small quantities of seeds, raisins etc when offered)

- She hasn’t shown any interest in playing with the others, and instead just stands in one place not moving. She walks and moves about very slowly, as though she’s in pain

-She hasn’t laid the past two days, and has been having watery diarrhoea (although this could be attributed to her not eating much?)

-She keeps closing one eye while she’s standing

She’s generally very healthy and the last time she acted like this was when she was moulting (this was only 9 months ago and she isn’t losing any feathers, so it’s not that)

We’ve been getting her to drink a homemade electrolyte solution to help keep her hydrated, but beyond the at have no idea what could be causing it.

Please help!

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