What a difference a week makes


14 Years
Sep 19, 2007
Mid Hudson River Valley, NY
Last Monday morning we had a fox attack - 8 of 9 chickens were either missing, dying or killed. Only our rooster Wilbur appeared to possibly make it, despite the loss of his entire tail and butt feathers and possible internal injuries - he wasn't moving and just gazed around - and not eating or drinking. I had to carry him from roost to the floor and into the house in order to coax him to drink/eat. I also brought him to the vet where they discoved that he had deep bruising around the lower neck which would take a good deal of time to heal. (They gave him a 48 hr pain killer shot.)

Well most of you suggested a couple of hens might possibly cheer my gentle Wilbur up, so I scouted our local craigslist and found 5 young hens... their owner is moving across the country this week.

Trying to act responsibly by checking the obvious signs for good health in chickens, though ignoring the concerns for quarantine given the situation, I brought the hens into a pen close to his and then gradually let him out of his pen to get closer to them, still with a net between. He perked up and they only showed signs of interest. Yesterday I actually placed him inside their pen to ensure no nasty pecking, etc.... and watching them throughout the day there appeared to be no problems at all. Wilbur actually engaged in a little foraging in the dirt/grass. Perhaps they're all in semi-shock.

So last night I placed the new gals into the coop with Wilbur. (It's our most secure pen) And for the first time in a week, this morning he came out off the roost on his own, with the gals.

Of course, he has a long way to go, but this is a great sign.

I love you guys.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings and heartache throughout this ordeal. It's been extremely difficult.

ps. I miss my chickens terribly, as does Wilbur. My Gertie, Loretta, Uncle Leland (first ever hatch) Estella and little Wilma are now buried in our garden. Henry, Mimi and Barbie have not returned and are most likely food for the fox's kitts. The circle of life.

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