What a flighty bunch!

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10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I clipped wings 2 days ago and I knew I would have to do a little more, but ended up having to redo the entire flock. I knew because they were able to fly up and out of the 6' tall fence. So I re-did them and now 5 of them are out of the coop again.
How far up do you go? Yes, I only did one side. I don't want to clip too much and make them bleed but I want to do enough that they can't fly. Do I go all the way up to the feathers that overlap the flight feathers? If I'm not explaining that right, I mean still only the first 10 feathers, but how high up on them should I go? Where does the blood start? Please help, I'm confused.

Edited to add: Yes I've seen the diagram and I'm pretty sure I've clipped even higher than that line. Does it make a difference if they are young (23 weeks) as they may not be full weight and so it's easier for them to lift themselves?
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Well I had to go back and re-clip ALL the flying feathers instead of "just the first 10 or so" as I read.
After the second clipping I haven't had anymore escaping.

Maybe they are just really motivated?
Question just because I'm either dumb or just new at this or both: All the flying feathers? Does that mean you trimmed all the feathers on one wing?
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