What age do goslings no longer need heat lamp???


Incubator Tetris Master Consultant
10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
New goose owner here. I have 2 Roman tufted goslings that are growing like weeds.
They are 3 1/2 weeks old. They are currently in a separate pen in my chicken coop with a 100 watt heat lamp. They are doing great! My question is when can they go into their own outside pen with out a need for a heat lamp? They will have an insulated shelter to go into at night. Our nighttime temps range from 25 to 40 degrees at night still. But our daytime temps get into the high 60's daily. If it were you, how much longer would you keep them under a heat source?
Thanks! I need to update pictures on there. I have added small breeder type pens to the inside and that is what the geese are in right now.

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