What age to move chicks to the garage

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by jonty, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. jonty

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    Oct 11, 2008
    Voßfeld Germany
    We have some chicks which are now 4 weeks old. Up to now they have been kept in the house but I would like to move them to the garage as soon as possible. What age is safe to move them? The garage is used for keeping Rabbits in and it never goes below freezing. In fact the coldest it gets is about 4°C+ Oh! and I'm in Germany if that help anyone with an answer.
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    Nov 8, 2008
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    I try not to give hard dates, 4 weeks seems a little early, but you know your situation best.

    Not being sure what type they are, (silkies and some other breeds stay more delicate longer...) but if your garage is quite draft free, and if they're standards and are feathering out pretty well, you could put them out at least part time with a good heat lamp and watch them closely.

    If they huddle under the lamp and don't venture out at all, it's too soon. If they wander around most of the time I'd leave them out there during the day, which will give you a break in your house. I'm not sure I'd leave them there at night yet since the temp could go down quite a bit and you may not be aware of it, if that happened, the heat lamp may very well not be enough and they'll kill each other by trampling/suffocating trying to stay warm directly under it and freeze on the edges... a rather horrible thing to come out to in the morning.

    I happen to think that within reason, getting them out in cooler areas like that pretty early is really good for them as long as they have a warm safe place there too. I think it gets them to a good start, but WATCH THEM CLOSE!!!

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    I put my chics in the garage at 3 weeks, they were stinking up my bathroom! it was way below freezing outside and they were so fine. I had 2 heat lamps and then I put a blanket over the top of their wooden pen. They are 6 weeks now and they are starting to roost on the top of the pen! it is still close to freezing in the garage! I would put them out there for a night and see how they do. make sure you put heat lamps out there with them.
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    People might not agree with me, but my chicks are in the garage right now. It's not heated, but is insulated, and if I need to open the garage door, I have something I cover the top opening of the brooder with partially to keep drafts out. The chicks never huddle under the lamp, and the temp has stayed consistant so far. I am using one 250 watt bulb. If I am unable to maintain the 95 degree temp, I'll bring them in the house, but it has not been a problem. I have allergies, and wanted to try to keep them in the garage if possible, because of the dust. We raised chicks in our garage last year, but we got them 5-6 weeks later last year.

    I did lose one chick yesterday, but that one was smaller than the rest, and weak. I do not believe it had anything to do with where my brooder is. The rest are active and well.

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    Portage County, Ohio
    *nod nod nod nod* I agree and again say, every situation is different. If they have a safe warm place to retreat to, even if the edges are fairly cool, I think it's healthier for them, and probably their people too!! Indoors with it being possibly too warm (in a way) breeds bacteria and germs more IMO.

    Start out in the morning and if they seem comfortable, ranging away from the light just like when they're tiny, it's good. Drafts are always the worst part. It's not so much the temp out in the garage, (or wherever) it's the temp inside their brooder area. They are probably needing more room anyway, a large kiddie pool can work really great though a smaller box or such within it for warmth might still be needed.

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