what age to seperate the lil males


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May 30, 2011
Camden County Georgia
Hello ,I am very new to raising chickens and I am wanting to know at what age do you separate the lil males from each other?
All imput is greatly appreciated.
I am not sure,perhaps I asked the question wrong. Do I need to seperate males at a certain age,my chicks are around 2and a half months of age .Will they need a seperate place for them ? I just dont want them to harm each other ,Its My first experience with chickens so all input in appreciated . Thanks so much.
I wouldn't bother separating them unless they cause injury to each other. They may squabble at times, but if they don't injure each other, it's not really an issue.
Do you plan on getting rid of most of the roosters?
I only wanted one rooster for my flock, so I waited until they grew out somewhat so I could judge their character. Once they began fighting (16 weeks? I can't remember), I put all of the roosters except the one I was keeping in a bachelor pad. If the roosters can't see the hens, they will be less likely to fight.

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