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    Aug 23, 2011
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    At what age can I switch from starter to flock raiser? The ages in my flock are all over the place from my 4 5-6 week olds in the brooder on medicated starter but getting close enough I think to move outside, 4 who are about 10 weeks, 12 who are about 16weeks, and a huge girl who is about 24 weeks. No body is laying but 2 are getting close I hope. They have a dish of oyster shell incase someone wants it, free range 99% of their awake hours, and have chewed through 1 3/4 flock blocks now. I would just prefer them on pellets and cant find it in starter.

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    May 25, 2011
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    everyone who is above the 4-5 weeks should be able to have it.
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    I am staying on medicated chick feed up until the first egg and then I will continue with layer. If I had a mixed flock with young birds I would used medicated feed and then just add ground oyster shell blend. If you want to at 8 or so weeks it's perfectly OK to switch to flock raiser. You can even take whats left of the chick feed and mix it with a new bag and the next bag or 3rd will be all flock raiser with none of the chick feed left to mix at all. Lots of choices.
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