What am I doing here???? Incubator advice?

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May 5, 2011
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I asked myself that question when I was looking on the baby chicks forum, and now I've wandered over here. Now I know how to tell a fertile egg from an unfertile one, thank you! Every time I crack one open, I think, there....could have incubated that one. And then I read the thread on the Bra Incubator and briefly entertained that wild idea. So, my next purchase is going to be a small incubator (not a sports bra
). What brand incubator do you recommend? I only want a small one for a dozen or so eggs.
When you realize your 12 egg incubator is not big enough and you now want a 42 egg or 180 egg unit, be sure to come visit at the incubator anonymous thread! Of course you are welcome now to come visit, we are hatch a holics and one incubator is not enough!

Your question is often asked, try the search feature to find old threads on the subject. Many good models to pick from. Welcome to hatching!
I found one just after I posted - and did see the recommendation for Brinsea. Must save my egg money! By the way, I have already lurked on the anon thread

What do people do with all the extra chicks? Sell them?

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